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About Lumos Studios

A digital advertising company with a focus on leveraging video to help businesses consistently bring in more clients and predictably grow their business.

Darran Hall, the founder of Lumos Studios has been around business and business people a long time. After seeing the struggles, stresses and heartaches of failed and struggling businesses Darran made it his mission to find the best way to help these good people succeed and provide for their families.

In the rapidly changing and ever evolving digital space, it’s a full time job to keep up with the education and execution of a proper digital marketing campaign and continually optimizing it so it actually produces consistent results. Recognising this, Darran sought out the best in the industry to discover how the top 1% of marketers bring in consistent results for some of the biggest companies in the world. 

With this newfound knowledge and years worth of video production experience in his arsenal, Lumos Studios was born. Lumos Studios is here to make sure your business not only survives the daunting digital landscape, but thrives, because although business has changed and marketing has become more complicated than ever, once you have the right tools, and the right people in your corner (that’s us) there has also never been a more powerful time in history to be able to reach directly into your ideal clients lives and bring them to your business. Give us a chance and let us transform your business, and life today!


Lumos Studios | Video Marketing Agency | Perth Western Australia


We pride ourselves on giving the best service and delivering the best results for our clients. As such we only take on a select number of new businesses at a time and spots fill up fast! Contact us today to see if we are the right fit to help your business explode!

Lumos Studios - Digital Marketing, Perth, Western Australia