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At Lumos Studios, we help businesses achieve rapid growth by leveraging creative video and strategically targeted ad campaigns that are designed to bring your ideal clients directly to you!


Target More Clients

Capture Their Attention

Watch Your Sales Grow


At Lumos Studios our goal is to dramatically increase sales and bring your business a consistent and predictable flow of new clients each and every month!

Don’t blindly waste your marketing money, find out how we can help you track every dollar and achieve the ROI you need to change your business forever!

  • Having Trouble Generating Leads?
  • Not Sure Where to Start?
  • Too Busy to Plan a Marketing Strategy?
  • Wasting Time & Money on Ineffective Marketing?

Lead Generation

Attract and convert strangers into prospects. As the lifeblood of every business the importance of lead and customer aquisition cannot be stressed enough. If you don’t have a consistent and predictable flow of leads coming into your business, this is priority number 1!

Modern Business Solutions

It’s no secret that marketing and business has changed, it changed rapidly and its continuing to do so at an ever increasing pace. We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of the ever changing digital landscape to ensure your business will thrive.

Marketing Strategy

Define your ideal customer and tailor your marketing message directly to them. With the use of the highest convering marketing media in the world (video) and the largest advertising and social platforms (Facebook and Google). There has never been a better time to reach your customers. All you need is the right message, the right strategy and a little bit of Lumos magic!

Exposure and Growth

With the right digital and video strategy we can get your business out to the world. Increase exposure, increase engagement, increase sales and grow your client referral base. With one decision business will never be the same again. 

You focus on being the best in your field

We’ll make sure you have the customers


Every business is at a different stage, you may have quality content that isn’t being utilised correctly, you may have gaps in your content, or you may have nothing at all. Don’t worry, whatever the stage, we can guide you through the process, fill in the gaps and make sure you have quality, engaging and specific: video’s, landing pages, websites, ads and entire sales funnels that are custom designed and primed to take your business to the NEXT LEVEL!


Once your videos are produced, landing pages set up, ads designed and sales funnels are primed, its time to get your business in front of your ideal customer. With thorough research, industry knowledge and leading marketing tactics this exciting stage is were all the hard work from phase one really pays off! By having specifically designed content, laser focussed client targeting and a hands on approach to managing and improving the ad sets, sit back and watch as we fill your pipeline with your ideal clients.


With a completely transformed business and a predictable flow of new customers each month you can now focus on real growth in your business. Take a moment to imaging life without the stress of knowing were your next clients are coming from. Its time to experience the freedom and the growth that you always imagined when you first got into business. Reach more customers, change more lives and live the life you dreamed for your family. Are you ready?


Lumos Studios | Video Marketing Agency | Perth Western Australia
Lumos Studios | Video Marketing Agency | Perth Western Australia
Lumos Studios | Video Marketing Agency | Perth Western Australia
Lumos Studios | Video Marketing Agency | Perth Western Australia


Getting Started is Easy.

Schedule a Call

In this free consultation we’ll talk about your business, your marketing goals, and pinpoint where you need help. Get excited because this call can change everything!

Define the Strategy

We’ll send you a full marketing strategy tailor made for your business and your clients, designed to help you see incredible growth in your business fast!

Grow your Business

We’ll implement our new-found strategy while you focus on running your business. allowing you to do what you do best while we help you grow!


We pride ourselves on giving the best service and delivering the best results for our clients. As such we only take on a select number of new businesses at a time and spots fill up fast! Contact us today to see if we’re the right fit to help your business explode!

Lumos Studios | Video Marketing Agency | Perth Western Australia